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Researchers exposed fruit flies to 12 hours of blue light a day and the findings were alarming.

A new study from Oregon State University suggests that daily exposure to blue light could me making you age faster.

Researchers exposed fruit flies to 12 hours of blue LED light per day. And the blue light they used in the lab is the same found in our smartphones, computers, and digital screens.

Researchers compared flies that were exposed to this 12 hours of blue light with flies that lived in total darkness and even to flies those that were exposed to light but with the blue filtered out. They came to the conclusion that it was the blue light exposure that was causing the most dramatic changes to the flies.

Flies are not humans, but the cells work the same. After long-term exposure, the flies’ cells started to show damage. Professor of Integrated Biology, JagaGiebultowicz., Oregon State University

The prolonged exposure to blue light damaged the flies’ retinal cells, brain cells, ability to fly, and shortened their life span. It appears that blue light puts the cells under stress and the genes that protect cells from stress increase in activity.

Researchers say it is very challenging to study the effects of blue light over a human lifespan but studying flies and other animals can give us clues on the long-term effects it has on us. They will continue to study why the damage happens.

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